If you love clean lines, down-to-earth retro style and you are mad for the industrial style, is the place to be. We love authenticity and quality: this is what any piece of furniture on sale on has be carefully selected amongst only the best Italian furniture manufacturer. Industrial style has lived, strong and flexible personality. Distressed as leather armchairs and exposed brick in lofts, vigorous as steel for seating and tables, as flexible as the ability to blend in with other furniture styles. Result is an original and welcoming mix, with strong colour contrasts that made reinterpretation of the past the key for its success. Industrial style recovers perfumes, authenticity, customization and love. Each of us can get his/her own style: vintage-industrial or country-industrial depending on how you combine furniture, the finish you chosen and how much you hazard with the antique effect. Industrial furniture has no frills, it is functional, perfect for domestic and public environments and gives a retro and elegant feel. Industrial lighting and industrial homewares are other great ways to incorporate these metallic elements into any room of your home. Using industrial style décor is also great for balancing masculine and feminine aesthetics.

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  1. Fantin Frame


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Made in Italy furniture selection

On you will find only items 100% Made in Italy, selected with love and passion that distinguishes us. Metal stools, steel cupboards, rare pieces, recycled objects processed according to retro vintage principles: this is why you will love selection. Look at this industrial furniture, open your heart to the beauty and find the piece that makes you happy.