Tabouret HPD 75 Outdoor


Xavier Pauchard's design stools series for Tolix called Tabourets H are available in sever heights and finish options.
The HPD 75 stool, unlike the other Tabouret H stools, has a backrest; its galvanized finish makes it water reststant.

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Details and Dimensions

Height 98 cm
Seat Height 75 cm
Width 30 cm
Depth 30 cm

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Tolix is ​​the company founded in 1927 by designer Xavier Pauchard. Collections included the very first galvanized chairs and stools manufactured on an industrial basis. Tolix collections include icons such as chair Chaise A and Tabouret H stools. Tolix was a family business until 2004, when the designer Chantal Andriot took over management, bringing the brand back to its highest level.

Xavier Pauchard

French designer Xavier Pauchard brought the art of galvanizing steel into the furniture industry. The items he designed such as chairs, stools and tables are renowned for their stability, lightness and strength. A pioneer of new galvanizing and galvanizing techniques to prevent rust, Pauchard discovered that he could protect the sheet from rust by dipping in molten zinc: now, regardless of weather conditions, his seating options can be used outdoor. Xavier Pauchard is the designer of iconic pieces of furniture such as Tabouret H stools and Tolix Chaise A chair.